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ClickNwork Review – Is ClickNwork Legitimate or Scam? How to Earn Money on ClickNwork?

Click-N-Work or ClickNwork is a global community of thousands of people who work from home and make money online worldwide. According to the website, ClickNwork has delivered top-class business services using teams of home based professionals, and now the home-sourcing trend is taking off, and could be set to replace outsourcing and off shoring as the preferred approach for enterprises looking to deliver quality work at lower cost.

ClickNwork Review

ClickNwork Review

Is ClickNwork Legitimate or Scam?

Yes, ClickNwork is legitimate work from home job. It is not a scam. Thousands of people worldwide are working for the company and earning money. There is no catch, no selling, no bidding, and no joining fees. The website pays good rates for work that you can do from home at you own timing. All of their job opportunities are home-based. Pay depends primarily on the type of work: from $5 to $150 per hour.

How to Join ClickNwork and Work for Them to Make Money?

You can join ClickNwork in 3 simple steps:

  1. Submit an online application with your skills and experience. ClickNwork will review your application and if the company finds any suitable position or work for you, they will contact you via e-mail.
  2. You will have to pass their test that measures your aptitude and skills. If you successfully pass the test, you will receive work offers.
  3. The last step is having necessary equipment including a good desktop computer or a laptop, Microsoft Office Suite, and a high-speed broadband Internet connection.

Job Opportunities at ClickNwork

ClickNwork offers several work opportunities. Their work is varied. The company generally needs people to do following type of work:

  • Analysts/consultants: People with specific analyst /consulting skills who wish to work from home.
  • Information professionals /specialists: Business researchers with strong track records and proficiency at a range of information sources.
  • Writers / Editors: Writers with experience at high quality business writing.
  • Web Searchers: Individuals proficient at quickly finding information on the web to answer business questions.
  • Data entry specialists: Individuals skilled at rapid and accurate data entry.
  • Shoppers, Trend spotters, Social observers: People keen to shop for certain products and adept at seeing trends, drawing parallels and generating valuable commercial insight.
  • Telephone interviewers: People skilled at interviewing senior business people, discussing business issues and surfacing opinion on often sensitive business questions.
  • Photographers: People able to take photos of buildings, inside stores and of products on shelves.
  • Translators: People qualified to translate between popular business languages.

Earning Money on ClickNwork

The work that you do will at ClickNwork depends on the type of position you have. Most positions include works like research, analysis, writing, report preparation, data entry and telephone work. Some of these work is permanent, some temporary, some full-time and some part-time. The rate of pay depends on the assignment. Some roles require more skill and experience than others, and will therefore pay more. How much you are paid or how much money you can earn also depends on the quality of work and urgency.

Payments are made via PayPal – an online payment system. If you are in a country not covered by PayPal, ClickNwork may arrange to send you a check from the US, but company will deduct some transaction charges.

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