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How to Earn Money from Blogging

Have you ever thought that your blog could make money for you? Are you wondering how bloggers make money from their blogs? Here I explain how to earn money from blogging.

Setting up a blog means that you are creating a little space of your own on the Internet where you can make posts about anything that interests you. Now you have created a blog and your blog is dedicated to a niche topic. Let us now learn and understand how Bloggers make money and how you can monetize your own blog to make money.

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How to Create and Design a Blog to Make Money

Blog needs to be dedicated to a single theme. Let’s say for instance your favorite passion is your love for dogs. You could blog about anything related to dogs like dog care, god breed, dog food etc. Select the best blog layout.

Features of a Good Blog to be Popular and Successful

  1. Updated your blog regularly. Search engines like fresh and new content.
  2. Select a good, trusted and reliable Blogging platform with good Search Engine Page Rank (SEPR). It is better to have a self-hosted WordPress Blog to real success.
  3. Write and publish only original and useful articles (posts) or news items supported with original photos and useful internal and external links. Checkout:  ➡ how to write a good blog post.

How to Make Money from Blog

Blogging is a very popular and easy way of making extra money online working from home. Let me now explain different ways by which anyone can easily make money a blog.

Google Adsense

Google Adsense  delivers text and image ads to your blog depending on the content of the blog. Small code is required to be pasted at proper locations on a webpage and Google automatically reads the content on the post or page and display matching ads. Whenever someone clicks on any of these ads, you earn money.

How much you can earn depends on the quality and subject of content on your blog and the ad clicked. The earning is divided between Google and the Blogger. Actual ratio of sharing revenue is unknown but it is between 75-25 to 80-20 percent. Read:  ➡ Google AdSense TOS and Guidelines.

Note: Do not display contextual (text like ads) ads of some other company along with Google Adsense ads. They don’t allow this. Please read Adsense Program Policies very carefully first. Best combination is contextual (text like ads) ads of Google Adsense and banner ads from different affiliate networks.

Affiliate Programs

This is another very popular way to monetize your blog and make money. Affiliate links are provided by companies / affiliate networks that will pay you a certain percentage of each sale / lead made through your unique link.

There are thousands of affiliate programs available for almost every niche you can think of. Signing up for these programs is very easy. Just go to any popular affiliate network website and sign up for their affiliate or partner program. Most of them are free to sign-up and very easy to implement.

Following are some of the most popular affiliate programs:

  1. eBay Associate
  2. Commission Junction
  3. ClickBank
  4. Amazon Associate
  5. ShareASale

Make Money with Contextual Advertising

Apart from Google AdSense, there are several other companies that offer contextual advertising that you can use to monetize your website. Some of them are:

  1. Chitika
  2. VigLink
  3. BuySellAds

Final Words 💡 

When it comes to making money from blogging, you can do so easily with the above tried and true tips and tricks. Whether you use Adsense, affiliate marketing, or sell products, or a combination of all of the above, you will certainly benefit in the long run.

Patience is a virtue.

Wish you all successful Blogging! 🙂 

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