Jobs and Career Opportunities in Animation and Multimedia

The animation and multimedia market is growing very fast. From television to movies, animation is used every where.

Animation involves working with images and graphics for impressive sequence of photographs for special appearance. It is all about making static images move.

Multimedia refers to working with animation in combination with additional components such as sound, video, text and images. Multimedia combines audio and video into a single presentation. In fact, both animation and multimedia go hand in hand. Animation is good for nothing without multimedia and multimedia may not exist without animation.

Animation Multimedia

Animation Multimedia

Animation and Multimedia Market

The animation and multimedia market is growing fast and so is the demand of such professionals. This sector is expected to grow even faster in the coming years. More and more use of graphics and multimedia in television, movies and gaming is expected to give big boom to the demand of professionals in this field.

Qualification Required for Animation and Multimedia Jobs

The job of an animation and multimedia professional include working with photos, graphics, audio, video and text to create imaginative presentation. There is no specific qualification to be an animation and multimedia professional. One has to have knowledge of computing, art, music and above all creative imagination. Knowledge of image editing, audio and video editing and design and multimedia programming would be an added advantage.

How to Start a Good Career in Animation and Multimedia

There are various courses on multimedia offered by several companies. It is very important to keep following points in mind in order to succeed in this field:

  1. Set a goal. Choose a specific field such as animator, multimedia expert, game developer, cartoon expert, art director, video editor and producer, presentation artist etc.
  2. Make a list of skills required for the set goal.
  3. Enroll in a course and take proper training in the chosen field.

Jobs and Career in Animation and Multimedia

Several options are available in this field. Here are some of the best options available:

  1. Animator: The job of an animator is to create 2D or 3D graphics. Imagination and visualization are must haves for an animator. People with artistic skills can become storyboard artists.
  2. Author-based programming: This job involves writing scripts to integrate components of animation to produce a multimedia product.
  3. Computer based graphic designing: This job involves creating a multimedia package. The primary work in this profession is design of art and copy layouts for multimedia products.
  4. Digital video-sound editing: This job involves preparing video sound for multimedia products. One should have proper knowledge of audio and video editing, voiceovers and mixing music.
  5. Multimedia programming: This job involves writing codes for the multimedia package and solving problems associated with the package. The prime responsibility of a multimedia programmer is to prepare blueprint for projects.
  6. Interface designing: This job involves creating navigation pathways and content maps. To figure out what happens in various situations is the job of an interface designer. It requires good programming knowledge and familiarity of various multimedia products.
  7. Instructional designing: This job is associated with the design of educational multimedia systems.
  8. Production artist: This job involves working with the project manager or designer to create coordination between various parts of the project.
  9. Website designing: This job is associated with design and development of website. Knowledge of HTML is a must.
  10. Technical writing: This job involves development of various components of multimedia such as voice-overs, characters, instructional text, etc.

Scope and Prospects in Animation and Multimedia Career

Demand of animation and multimedia professionals is growing fast. There is great scope in this field. Starting from animator to project manager, one can earn handsome salary. With experience and expertise, one can get promotions and increased salary.

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