Mock Juror and Trial Jobs - How to Make Money as a Mock Trial Juror

Mock trails and juror job description include review of legal cases. Such case reviews may take around 30-60 minutes depending on the size of case summary and the number of questions. Juror payment depends on the case.  In order to take part in mock juror and trails jobs, one has to fulfill some requirements like age, marital status, qualification, citizenship etc.

Note: Never pay for leads on any work from home jobs or mock trails and juror job. These jobs are always free. You get paid do these jobs. There is no fee charged for these jobs.

Companies that provide mock juror and trial job opportunities:

  1. Online Verdict: Earn extra money by becoming an juror. You will review interesting legal cases from your home, provide feedback through an online questionnaire, and be paid @. $20 to $60 per case. Become an Online Juror.
  2. eJury: eJury has revolutionized the way attorneys prepare for trial. Their online Mock Juries and Focus Groups allow large groups of people to help attorneys determine case value, develop case themes, find the facts to emphasize, and learn “public” attitudes. Apply to be an eJuror.

    Mock Juror and Trial Jobs

    Mock Juror and Trial Jobs

  3. Jury Test: They send summons by e-mail. You will have to review a lawyer’s case. Once you have reviewed the lawyer’s case, they may ask for your feedback. You will be paid as per the case ranging from between $5 per case to $50 per case. Register to be a Jury Test Juror.
  4. Trial Practice: Spend just 4-8 hours from home serving as a juror in the mock trial of an actual court case. Pays $ 10 per hour for participating in mock trials.
  5. Mock Juror: Several types of mock jury projects are available for you to work on. They offer live projects, that can either be a full eight hour day or a four hour half day, as well as online projects.
  6. Juror Registration.
  7. Get paid for sharing your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and decisions about interesting legal cases. Become a Virtual Juror.
  8. Trial Practices: Seeks mock jurors, or as they call them, “surrogate jurors”, to review legal cases and provide feedback for payments of at least $100 per day. Sign up Free.
  9. Online jury review opportunities for mock jurors. Rate of pay is typically $30, with the chance to make more for longer or more complex cases. You are paid via PayPal. Sign up to be a Juror.
  10. K&B National Research: Conducts jury research in the form of mock trials.

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